Debt restructuring in a crisis

The EBRD’s Legal Transition Team has launched an assessment on business reorganisation tools and a short survey on non-performing loans in all 38 economies where the EBRD is active. For benchmarking purposes we have opened the assessment to all European Union countries. Our aim is to help country authorities to identify where further longer term legal reforms are needed to encourage business continuity and survival in the difficult Covid-19 economic climate.

Catherine Bridge Zoller EBRD Legal Transition Team
Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal External Consultant
John Taylor International Advisor
Hanna Volchak EBRD Legal Transition Team
Nino Goglidze EBRD Consultant
Natalia Pagkou External Consultant
Daniele D’Alvia External Consultant
Insolvency and Debt Restructuring Work

Our work includes assisting governments to reform their business insolvency legislation, strengthening the regulatory framework for insolvency office holders, training insolvency professionals and developing strategies for the resolution of NPLs. We are guided by the EBRD Core Principles for an effective insolvency system.

You can find all upcoming events and news in relation to our initiatives here.

To maximise the effectiveness of the assessment, the EBRD is supported by the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), UNCITRAL, INSOL Europe, and INSOL International and is cooperating with the European Commission.